Tennis training

Overdam Tennispark offers all kinds of options, for every level and every target group...

Are you a beginner or have you already had training (with us) in the past? Are you an advanced player and would you like to add more technical diversity or tactical challenges to your game? Or do children want to play tennis? Overdam Tennispark offers all kinds of options, for every level and every target group...

Our tennis training is provided by a team of enthusiastic, professional tennis coaches of Motion Tennis, all licensed by the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB).

The tennis training of the Spring/Summer season (20 weeks) are scheduled daily between 09.00 and 22.15 hrs (Saturday 09.00 - 14.00 hrs) commencing in the week of 1st April.

Are you between 4 and 17 years old and would you like to take tennis training? Overdam Tennispark has a comprehensive, structured development program for under 18's.

If you are 4 to 12 years old and have tennis lessons with us, you will join our special program called “Overdam 4 Kids”. Everyone is grouped into a level that is indicated by a corresponding colour. Each colour has its own court size and ball type, adjusted to your level and age. After each level you will receive a certificate.

* Mini training
For the smallest of talents (4 and 5 years old) we organize mini training. These are 17 lessons of 25 minutes for groups consisting of 8 persons on 2 courts. Join us and discover that tennis is fun!

Mini training is an introduction to tennis using a mixture of softer, slower tennis balls, steadily progressing onto normal tennis balls on a smaller court. The aim of these sessions is to have lots of fun whilst making a start to grasping basic tennis techniques.

* Group training 4 and 8
This training is meant for all kids playing on several levels. These are 17 lessons of 50 minutes and is consistent of groups of 4, or 8 persons playing on 2 courts. All techniques will be touched upon and you will learn how a tennis match is played.

These groups provide a platform for learning good tennis technique. The next step towards playing on a full sized court. Emphasis is also placed on enjoyment through friendly competition, games and exercises.

* Group training 6
This training has a specific focus for youths who do not want to work on technique alone but want to improve their tactics, stamina and mental and physical skills. This training is open to a limited number of players only. Selection will take place after registration and depends on motivation, talent and effort made. This training consists of 17 lessons of 75 minutes each in a group consisting of 6 persons playing on 2 courts.

* Training 2 times per week
You practice 2 times a week. Just as with the performance training we intensify your tennis game. For this training capacity is limited to a limited number of players. 

The training consists of 34 lessons of 50 minutes (2 times per week, during 20 weeks), in a group of 6 persons.

Both for the Group training 6 and Training 2 times per week expectations of the youth members are higher in, for instance, the fields of motivation and attitude.

* Private training
We also provide private and duo training for children.

More attention from the trainer, tailored to the child’s individual needs. Private training is more detailed than training in a group. The trainer focuses one-to-one attention on further improving strengths, working on components the child has difficulty mastering and expanding general technical skills.

* Coordination training
This training teaches you additional skills: running at the right time, changing direction, accelerating and stopping, all the while keeping your eye on the ball and on your opponent. You can only sign up for Coordination Training in conjunction with one of the other training options. In principle, Coordination Training is scheduled on Mondays or Wednesdays, depending on demand.

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From social to competitive play, we have something for everyone: beginner, intermediate and advanced courses are available year round.

In beginners groups the emphasis is placed on developing a sound technique before developing bad habits. We have a proven system for teaching beginners, based on a series of progressions, that makes sure you really understand what it is you are meant to be doing. The idea is to try to make the style as automatic as possible so that later on, as intermediate level is approached, players can concentrate more on their tactics and not have to think so much on the basic techniques. All this sounds rather serious, but Adult Beginner Groups are great fun.

The intermediate and advanced courses are for those players who are just beyond beginner standard right up to the next level. Obviously this is a very broad category and therefore a wide range of topics are covered during the courses. The basics of technique are constantly being reinforced, but also topics such as singles and doubles tactics, spins on groundstrokes and serve are introduced and developed.

These lessons are taught from Monday until Saturday. Lessons last 25 or 50 minutes and are played with 2 or 4 persons. You can also book a private training.

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